Review a health history, document your notes and accept digital signatures...

without a single piece of paper.


View your patient’s health history like never before.

iConsult for iPad

Easy to Review,  Easy to Record

If you’re tired of documenting a consultation with paper or PC,  you might want to take a look at iConsult for iPad.

iConsult simplifies pulling a chart.  All you have to do is select your patient, open up their health history and start taking notes.

Never miss a note or skip a beat.

With just a touch, iConsult records all conversations.  You will never miss a word they say again.

Easy to Sign

Keep your paper paperless. Patient health history acknowledgments, fees and payments, as well as surgical authorizations can all be signed directly with iConsult.

iConsult. This changes everything.

Ready to scrap the paper? Give iConsult a try today.